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Toby is Thrilled to be visiting The Local Yarn Store!  Having grown up in Maplewood, she is excited to come back and share what she has been working on since she moved to Saugerties, NY five years ago.  Toby's newest book Design Doubles, along with her lovely hand dyed yarn, will be available for purchase and knitted samples will be on display during her visit.

Toby will be teaching two workshops (you can register on the Classes page):

Anatomy of a Shawl

Have you ever thought of designing your own shawl, but wondered where to begin? In this two part class, you will explore the construction methods of several different shawl shapes including triangle, heart-shaped, two-pointed, three-pointed, semi-circular, and crescent. A variety of cast-on and bind-off techniques (including knitted-on edgings) will be discussed, as well as when and how to use them. You will make small swatches of each shape to keep for future reference, and learn how to add lace and texture patterns to each of those shapes.  Yarn choice and tips for combining colors with a focus on hand-dyed yarns will be explored. You will have an opportunity to use graph paper to designing a shawl of your own using whichever shape you choose!

Two Three hour workshops

October 5th 10am-1pm

October 6th 10am-1pm

Supplies: scrap yarn and corresponding needles, stitch markers, pencil, eraser.

Pick Up Where You Left Off

We all have projects we’ve abandoned for one reason or another. Many times, the thing that keeps those projects from getting finished is not knowing where you left off in the pattern. In this class, Toby will teach you a few tips, tricks, and “pattern landmarks” you can use to figure out where to begin again. You’ll look at a few examples, and then look at some projects you and your classmates bring in.You'll also get some great advice to use while you’re knitting, so that you never lose your place in a pattern again!

October 6th 3pm-5pm

Supplies: Any unfinished, abandoned project

Toby Roxane

Book Signing

Trunk Show